VUE Residency Shanghai on Yuyuan Rd. is a joint project planned and established by ART Yuyuan and Hu's Recidency Auckland. From the year 2019, we will invite a selection of the most influential artists and creative designers from Australia and New Zealand to come to VUE Residency on Yuyuan Rd. and start their exciting art creation and design work anew in the city of Shanghai.

Yuyuan Rd. is a famous road located in the historical feature preservation block in Shanghai, and an important part of the "Exotic Building Clusters" of Shanghai. Over the past century, many famous scholars, politicians, artists, military officers and business tycoons have lived here, such as former site of the Editorial Department of Bolshevik, former residence of physicist Qian Xuesen, old home of the New Zealand-born writer and political activist Rewi Alley, and among these buildings, the humanistic history and elegant architecture complement each other. "A Yuyuan Road, A Half of Modern History", this Yuyuan Rd., which witnessed Shanghai's old appearances and new looks, is the birthplace of countless Shanghai stories, and has become a wonderful and indispensable existence in the growing memories of the people of Shanghai. Yuyuan Rd., with no less than 108 old houses and 60 outstanding historical buildings, has become the cornerstone of the historical heritage behind this prosperous city.

The past century was the glory of Yuyuan Rd., and now Yuyuan Rd. has been labeled as young, creative and fashionable. VUE Residency Shanghai on Yuyuan Rd. was created in the cultural collision and integration of Shanghai's past and its vibrant present.


The Vue Shanghai residency and studio is situated in the CBD in Shanghai. The surrounding areas are rich with history, cuisine and culture, including many historic sites and buildings and a vibrant arts scene. Residents will have the opportunity to live like a local and experience the cul- ture and energy of Shanghai. Through this residency, artists are encouraged to explore, test ideas, and develop new work.

Below is actual images of the NEW space. From top left: The picture titles:

  • Cafe shop at the community

  • Workshop

  • Violon-maker's workshop at the community

  • Public office at the the community


  • Local Market at community

  • Restaurant & Bar at the community


  • A fully-funded trip to Shanghai, with economy return flights from your city.

  • Small three room apartment (living area, small studio and separate bedroom) in a newly refurbished building in Shanghai.

  • An on-site studio with round-the-clock access.

  • A Per diem paid in RMB to cover living costs, provision of basic food and drink, and a metro card for travel around Shanghai.

  • Curatorial and administrative support from Vue, including local knowledge and guidance.

  • Budget for successful applicants for sourcing material, suppliers, and fabrication.

  • The possibility of having your work displayed in a public space in Shanghai CBD on a long term basis.

EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST are invited an as follows:

  • New Zealand artists with a focus on, or interest in, the potential of public art are invited to submit a brief proposal outlining their practice and their interest in art in public places. Also include a brief proposal indicating the work that they would like to produce while in Shanghai.  This proposal is indicative so it will not be binding.  

  • Artists working sculpturally or with installation requirements will be prioritised.

  • The proposal should include an approximate budget outlining materials and production costs (for the project to be completed in New Zealand) This is for reference only, since costs in China will vary.

  • Please send a single PDF not more than 10MB, to NO LATER than 1 August 2019

  • The artist must be available to undertake the residency from mid September - end October 2019.

  • Residents will be required to participate in media interviews before and after the residency.

  • Residents will be required to complete a post residency report outlining what they have achieved through the residency.


  • Once expressions of interest have closed on 9 August, proposals will be considered by an invited Selection Committee and individual artists will be contacted to clarify any questions surrounding their proposals.  One artist will be offered the Residency no later than 1, Aug, 2019

  • The selected artist will be asked to sign a contract with Vue Residency to ensure that the artist and Vue have the same understanding of the opportunities and requirements of the residency (conditions apply) 

  • Deadline for application: 1 August 2019 

  • Shortlisted artists will be contacted no later than 1, August, 2019

  • The artist awarded the residency will be announced 15, August, 2019

  • We regret that we will not be able to contact all unsuccessful applicants in person.

  • For more information, see or email Jennie Hu, 


    The picture titles:

  • Public office at community

  • Cafe shop at community

  • Violon-maker's workshop at community

  • Local Market at community

  • Restaurant & Bar at community