Auckland Art Fair

YOUNG ARTISTS FOUNDATION in Partnership With HUS Art Farm will be at the Auckland Art Fair
MAY 23 - MAY 27

Founded in 2017, Young Artists Foundation (YAF) is dedicated to supporting young, talented and outstanding artists in New Zealand and China by providing opportunities to share and communicate around the world as well as inspiring their artistic creation and growth. By complementing the integration between outstanding artists and platform resources, YAF promotes the innovation of art, and the cultural exchange between China and New Zealand.



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HUS Art Farm Signs With University of Auckland.

HUS Art Farm has signed the agreement with University of Auckland on 18, August, 2017. HUS Art Farm will cooperate with U of A to develop exclusive culture and art projects between China and NZ.  Collaborative activities include creative arts, music, dance, and visual.  These projects will be the base for more international cooperation studies all centered at HUS Art Farm and conference centre in Coatesville, Auckland.


JENNIE HU the visionary behind HUs-Art Farm invited friends and family to attend the the opening.  Jennie is seen here thanking all participants and announcing the future of this special residence.  We thank all guests with a few special mentions including 

Rhana Devenport. Director of AAG

Billy Apple: NZ artist.(Billy Apple was born in Auckland, New Zealand, as Barrie Bates. He studied at the Royal College of Art in London from 1959 to1962, and changed his name to Billy Apple in 1962. In 1964 Apple moved to New York, where his work work was included in the seminal exhibition The American Supermarket, a show held in Paul Bianchini's gallery. The show was presented as a typical small supermarket environment, except that everything in it was created by six prominent pop artists of the time, including Billy Apple, Andy Warhol, Claes Oldenburg, Tom Wesselmann, Jasper Johns, Mary Inman, James Rosenquist and Robert Watts. In 1974 Apple's first major survey exhibition was held at the Serpentine Gallery in London: From Barrie Bates to Billy Apple. In 1975 Apple returned to New Zealand where he embarked on a national exhibition tour with support from the Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council of New Zealand. 

His practice has a close relationship to advertising, branding, and technology while simultaneously reflecting a political agenda. The image of the apple has become a reoccuring motif in his work, and has been reproduced in both sculptural and printed works. Through collaboration with Andy Warhol, his work has been associated with Pop Art, as well as Conceptual Art. )

Jim Speer:  Associate Dean of Elam Art School

Peter Shand, Dean of Elam Art School

Louise Petter:  Former Curator of AAG

Tim Gruchy: Artist and photographer, Rhana's husband

Sue Gardiner: Director of Chatwell Foundation, Chair of Art Space.