HU’s Farm sits on 20 acres of farm land that backs onto the Riverhead Forest.  The property has four ponds that have fish and bird life all year round.  You are more than welcome to dip a toe into the waters during summer as they are fairly shallow and relatively warm.  The best pond is the main one down towards the back of the farm, which has an island and a landing.

As outlined, the WHITE space is shared by all houses on the property so you are more than welcome to explore.  We just ask you to close any gates behind you as we don't want the sheep or horses escaping.  NOTE: Please do not feed the horses and be careful when wandering through their paddocks. 

The RED outline is exclusive to all guests. The same applies to the BLUE outline unless you become friendly and wander between homes.

The YELLOW is a forest entrance however you do need to cross a small creek and wander up a slightly steep track before you get to the forest roads.

As this is a farm there are always low level hazards so please be aware of slippery spots, fallen trees, prickle bushes and cutty grass.